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2022 – Position Trained Requirements

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Youth Protection

  • On-line course for all adults
  • Required for any adult working with our youth
  • Provides adult leaders and interested parents with youth protection guidelines as outlined by the BSA.
  • This training supplies information to help ensure a safe and secure environment for the youth of our program through protection guidelines that are outlined by the BSA.
  • This training supplies information on the basics of recognizing and reporting abuse.
  • This program helps protect our youth and YOU, as their leader, by supplying the facts!

Fast Start

  • On-line course for all leaders
  • Provides information to aid new leaders in planning and conducting their first meetings
  • Should be completed immediately after accepting a new position

This Is Scouting (TIS)

  • On-line course for all leaders
  • Pre-requisite for all BSA adult basic training (CSLS, TCC, SALT, ITOLS and VLST)

Scoutmaster/Asst. Scoutmaster Leadership Training (SALT or BLSLT)
This single day training presents the skills and methods Scoutmasters can use to organize a Scouts BSA Troop and support its youth leaders in developing and delivering an effective, exciting Scouting program. The course covers the following sessions:

  • Getting Started: The Role of the Scoutmaster in a Youth-Led Troop
  • Lighting the Fire: The Outdoor Program and the Advancement Program
  • Keeping it Going: Program Planning and Troop Administration

SALT is a single 6-7 hour course on a Saturday, typically over by 3pm.

This is one of the courses required by Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters to complete to be considered “Trained” for their position.

Venturing Leader Specific Training (VLST)
For new crew Chartered Organization Personnel, Crew Advisors, Associate Advisors, Crew Committee Members, Commissioners, and other adults involved with venturing. This five-part training, all-day course is designed to introduce adult Venturing Crew leaders to the basic information needed to successfully operate a Crew. The five parts are:

  • Here’s Venturing
  • Understanding and Protecting Youth
  • Leadership and Organization
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Resources and Program Planning

Den Chief Training
Boy Scouts who are First Class and above, who desire to become leaders through service as Cub Scout or Webelos Scout Den Chiefs. A Den Chief should be two to four years older than those he will be leading. This half-day training course is designed to prepare Scouts to serve as effective Den Chiefs. Elements of the this training include:

  • Your Job As Den Chief
  • How To Use and Lead Games
  • How To Lead Songs
  • Dual Contest and Tricks
  • Working With Cub Scouts and Den Leaders
  • 7 Parts of A Successful Cub Scout Den Meeting
  • 5 Parts of A Successful Webelos Den Meeting
  • Den Chief/Webelos Den Chief Responsibilities


  1. Scout MUST complete the Den Chief Online Fast Start Training Course, print out the certificate at the end of the course and bring it with you to the training class on Saturday.
  2. Scout MUST be recommended by Scoutmaster; Signature is required on the registration form.
  3. Scout MUST come prepared to teach a Skit, Song, Indoor Game or Outdoor Game.
  4. It is recommended that the Scout be First Class or thirteen years old, but can be younger if he is mature enough to handle the position.

Cub Leader Position-Specific Training (CLPS)
CLPS training is for Cub Scout Leaders. Participants will need to choose only one of the courses.  There is a separate course for Cub Den Leaders (Lions, Tigers, Wolf, Bear and Webelos Den Leaders. There is a separate training is provided for Pack Committee Chair, Pack Trainer and Cubmaster roles.  Both courses provide the necessary instruction and guidance required to effectively organize and run successful Den meetings or Pack meetings.

This course is required for the Den Leader or the (Cubmaster / Pack Committee Chair / Pack Committee Member) to be considered trained for their current position.

This course is offered as on-line training or in a classroom environment

Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO)
This course provides instruction and guidance for Scoutcraft and camping skills for Cub and Webelos Leaders. A person that is BALOO trained is required to be in attendance for a Pack to conduct an overnight camping activity.

This is a single full day course and is normally conducted on a Saturday in an outdoor environment.

Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) Training

This course provides instruction to the person seeking to become a BSA Merit Badge Counselor (MBC).  The course covers the roles and responsibilities of the MBC.  The course provides BSA guidance on how to instruct youth and what can and cannot be done during the mentoring stage of the merit badge instruction.

This course is now available on-line at

This course is required for a new Merit Badge Counselor to be registered for this position.