Order of the Arrow

About Us

Echota Chapter currently serves the Phoenix District, which stretches from Grant Park in the south to the Chattahoochee River in the north and includes Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Midtown, Chandler Park, Inman Park, Virginia Highlands and East Atlanta. On the east it meets the Hightower Trail District and, on the west,, the Indian Springs, Silver Comet and Foothills Districts.  If you want to see what we do, visit our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/OAEchotaChapter.


The Echota Chapter of Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge is one of the original six Chapters that were formed in the Atlanta Area Council in 1954. Although the Lodge was established in 1938 as the 129th OA Lodge, it functioned without Chapters until 1954. From 1954 until 1970, Chapters were known simply by the name of their District, in our case the North Atlanta. In 1970, the members of the North Atlanta chapter adopted the name “Echota,” after the Echota Trail, an ancient Cherokee Indian trail that crossed the Peach Tree trail (now Peachtree Road) near the intersection with the modern-day Palisades Road.

Chapter Leadership

At every level, the Order of the Arrow is youth-led, with adult members serving as position advisers. Elections for Chapter officers are held annually following Lodge officer elections. 

All chapter positions are district level positions. Every chapter has a chapter chief who acts as the leader of the chapter. A Vice Chief who acts as the assistant to the Chapter Chief and oversees all OA unit elections for the district. Also, there’s a secretary who is in charge of notes and emails for the chapter and a treasurer who takes care of the Chapter fundraising and finance. The Chapter officers and advisers for 2020 are:

Chapter Chief, Anderson Smith-Cote, Troop 298 – echotachief@aacegwa.org

Secretary, Amalia Ackerman Troop 29 – oaechota@gmail.com

Chapter Adviser, Mike Paez – echotaadviser@aacegwa.org

Associate Chapter Adviser (Admin), Chuck Olson – unitrelationsadviser@aacegwa.org

Associate Chapter Adviser, Amber Ackerman – oaechota@gmail.com

Staff Adviser, Jabir Donaldson – Jabir.Donaldson@scouting.org

How to Contact Us

Email echotachief@aacegwa.org

Unit Elections

Each year, Troop and Crew in the Phoenix District with eligible Scouts can request that the Chapter conduct a unit OA election. For Scouts, the qualifications for election as a candidate are found here: https://aacegwa.org/membership.

To request a unit election or for information, email: oaelectionphoenix@aacegwa.org

Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

As stated in the Order of the Arrow Handbook, an Arrowman’s primary responsibility is to his or her unit. “It was your fellow Scouts who elected you to membership in the Order and it is to them you should devote most of your service.” However, by being active in the Order and the Lodge you can expand your Scouting experience by taking part in all OA activities and high adventure programs. It also gives you the opportunity to serve in a leadership role at the Chapter, Lodge, regional and national level.

I believe members should come to a Chapter event and Lodge event at least once during the year. Many new members assume that it’s bad, because of what they experience during their Ordeal. You can’t assume that it’s going to be bad without going and finding out for yourself. I must say I have had the best time at OA events. In fact, I haven’t missed one yet and I’ve been in the OA for almost two years. You do so much stuff like playing games and hanging out with friends. Like I said, come out someday and try one of our events!

Tony Paez, 2018 Chapter Chief

Trailblazer Adventure Camp

Trailblazer Adventure Camp is a day full of fun for Cub Scouts and their families each Fall at Bert Adams Scout Camp run by members of the Order of the Arrow.  At Trailblazer, Cub Scouts from Tigers through Webelos can complete most, if not all, the outdoor adventures required for their rank.  It is an exciting and fun-filled weekend including BBs, archery, games and more. Learn Native American History and join us in the dance ring. Learn how to cast a fishing rod. Bring your best skits and join us for a campfire Saturday evening.


To register for Trailblazer, go to https://www.campbertadams.org/trailblazer